Decorative Feather Fill Pillow Insert

Looking for high-quality pillow inserts that are worthy of being stuffed into your pillow covers? We offer a vast range of decorative feather fill pillow inserts in a variety of sizes such as 20" x 20", 21" x 21", 22" x 22", 12" x 20", etc.

Our soft pillow insert provides firm and cozy support when you're in a seated position for a long time. With so many different sizes, please choose the appropriate size of pillow insert to match your pillowcase and cushion cover.

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What’s the Deal with Decorative Feather Fill Pillow Insert?

When it comes to comfort and luxury, a decorative feather fill pillow insert is always the most preferred choice. First of all, it is more flexible than its artificial fiber counterparts.

Moreover, you will find that a feather insert is a much better choice especially if you are using a silk pillowcase. It gives your pillow a smooth, designer look.

Please Note: If you prefer a firmer pillow, you should use a decorative feather fill pillow inserts 1" or 2" larger than the actual pillow cover, according to the size of your pillow. For example, a 21" x 21" pillow cover goes well with a 22" x 22" feather insert.

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