Pillow Insert 101

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Welcome to our first blog Millow Fam! 

Are you having trouble filling your pillow cover with an insert? Does the insert seem too big to fit inside even though you have chosen the right size for it? 

Here are 4 easy steps to follow to make inserting an easier and quicker task!

STEP #1: Ready the shell cover and insert

Have your pillow cover and insert ready on an empty flat surface. Prepare your shell cover by unzipping it all the way.

STEP #2: Fold insert into half

Gently fold your pillow insert in half while holding the pillow cover. 

STEP #3: Place insert into shell cover


Place the folded insert inside the shell cover. Once you let go of your insert, it should start unfolding inside. Use one hand to gently straighten and position the insert so that all four corners are in place in the corners of the cover.

STEP #4: Zip and Fluff

The final step is to carefully zip up the shell cover. If the zipper gets stuck or caught, unzip it a little bit and push the insert further in while you zip it back up slowly. After you've zipped up the pillow, fluff up the sides so it looks plump.

Viola!! Now you have a nice looking pillow! You are now a master of stuffing pillows.

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