How To Choose The Best Throw Pillows

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What's the secret to making your couch's throw pillows look amazing? It really just comes down to analyzing the room you're decorating, size of pillows, arrangements, and a few other considerations. I will show you how to choose and arrange the best throw pillows using these quick, simple tips!


The texture of your fabric adds depth and interest to any room, and it’s just as important to consider when styling sofa pillows. To achieve this, combine a variety of textures! I love to add a faux fur throw pillow in the Winter or a fun whip stitched trim for Spring and Summer. Other textures you might like are fringe, embroidery, cable knit, and more! They are all so fun and versatile. 


Go for colors that compliment your furniture and don’t forget to choose from your room's color palette. For example, if your walls and main furniture are neutral colors, try spicing up the room by using strong colors that are present, but not the majority color. This way, the pillows won't feed into the rest of the neutral colors of the room. Whether it's to match the colors of greenery or a drapery that's hanging near your windows, it will be a perfect color for a pillow to add to your furniture. 

3. SIZE 

Don't just limit yourself to the color of the pillow either! Try out different sizes and shapes. Rather than the usual 20x20, look into some oblong shaped pillows, such as our "Happiness is Homemade" pillow, to adorn your setting of choice. Not only will it look nice on any furniture, it'd be a nice change to your body posture as well!


If you have chosen your pillow at this point, you're ready to arrange them on any furniture you'd like! For sofas, it's nice to place one pillow in each corner first and then fill in between the pillows. For a bed, they look nice if the bed is full. To fill the bed, you could put two to three pillows nearest the bed frame or headboard, if you have one, and then one pillow less in front of the initial ones. Now you have a bed that looks nice and filled!!

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